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Homeland and citizenship (2) :

In the complement to the topic of homeland and citizenship, Shaikh has looked over the words of Imam Ali (AS): "Good of the country is what of yours, and there is no good in homeland except with the security and happiness, and evil of homeland  who do not feel safe from the accommodator" and Shaikh was exposure on the theme to three points first, the rule right, and the second not discriminations ,and finally ,social solidarity and details was as follows:

Shaikh  has said that the good citizen is  the one  who governing with right and justice in his matters, even to himself. And the characteristic of good citizen that characterized with is to provide the right, even if the closest relatives, and even if was from the same homeland against the stranger, and he stressed that we must come together as sons of a country and as citizens, but on justice, not on injustice, “not one of us who called with nervous” and it is that you see the evil of your people is better than the other good people."They see the evil of your people is the best choice of other peoples.

The second point is an important condition of good citizenship which is non-discrimination between one citizen and another, so every citizen must be a citizen of the first degree, and does not differentiate between one and another and promote one that cannot be touched, and in that following the example of the Prophet, who stands with the Christians and others on equality in the Islamic state, and distinguishing between citizens according to religions and other, makes the country corrupted. The heart of citizenship to all is equal in rights and duties.

The last point in represented in solidarity that Dr  has declared is guided to goodness of the citizen or not, which is two sections(Education and awareness, control)and if control is lost, citizens will live in tragedies, and there are people that Allah has blessed them with control and when they have see the promotion of virtue is spread they are happy, and if they see evils is spread will be intolerance and angry, others are indifferent to the evils, but they rejoice in promotion of virtue, and a other section is not interested in this or that, and the other part in the solidarity is materially, which is confirmed by the Shaikh, but especially in the difficult circumstances experienced by our people, and said that helping those affected  is better than desirable visitings,and Omrahs,and hajj, and he added that whoever  does not feel , and does not participate ,and does not pain with the Muslims, is not considered a good citizen.

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