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Al Daihi has reviewed the chopped letters of the Quran:

Dr. Abdullah has talked about the verse, "By Qaf and the glorious Quran, (you are the Messenger of God).

In fact, it seems odd (to the pagans) that a Warner from their own people has come to them.

The disbelievers have said, “It is very strange” and said that (Qaf)  is a letter of the Arabic language, which is called the chopped  letters in Quran, Quran  is consists of 114 Sura and 29 of them are front with the spelling letters, so why there is not found in the previous holy books  and found only in Quran, from her ,  the scientists of interpretation have checked  in it and search it’s meaning, these letters are sometimes with a letter and  in other hand with two letters and more, to this view, Dr. has viewed several things:

1 - Reading the letters is a worship, because it has to be read and it is not allowed to dropped it.

And he detailed this point into three sections; the heartfelt which is the beliefs, the offensive and the showed, the lingual, and this division is divided into two, prudent and we do understand his wisdom and another don’t understand his wisdom, such as the prayer & fasting it’s wisdom is understandable, but for example, stones throwing wisdom is not understandable, this is for the showed worship, where the heartfelt worship for example the unification and the path ,the path something that can’t recognize it and as well as the scale, we know that it is measured by the things perceived, so how the pros and cons are measured morally  in a scale  in which  we don’t recognize  but we believe it heartily, and the lingual for example, reading the Quran and praying and reciting  which are clear wisdom, but read the chopped  letters of the Quran  we don’t recognize but it must be read.

2 - Secrets of the chopped letters, Shaikh has clarify an educational attention, that there is an indication for the human mind does not lead to full happiness because of being a minor, and also letters praising the Quran, where it is said that they are tools of swear, swear by the greatness of great Quran and there is the miraculous view in it, where it raised an exclamation on the faces of people so Arabs were unable to understand.

3 - Meanings that put forward by scientists and commentators, the commentators  were felt different in the interpretation of these letters, Some said it was one of the names of Allah, and others say it is a sign of Allah and His Prophet, indicate the things  that we do not know  but Allah knows, but Imam Al-Razi said, "Sad" who repels ,means to prevent and expulsion, “Qaf “ is name of an actor , stood, Quran must be followed if someone wants happiness, he must follow the Quran.
Comment: It is said that the chopped letters are refers to Imam Ali (AS) with the removing the similar letters, it remains and cannot be arranged, only in one way: Ali is the right path that we caught him.

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