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Journey and Ascension

“Allah is the Exalted One who took His servant one night for a visit from the Sacred Mosque ( in Mecca) to the Aqsa Mosque ( in Jerusalem).Allah has blessed the surroundings of the Aqsa Mosque.

He took His servant on this visit to show him (miraculous) evidence of His (existence).

It is He who is All-hearing and All-aware “This is the verse that Shaikh Abdulla Al Daihi has talked about, specifically his topic is Al Isra’a and Al mearaj and he divides his talk into four meanings, the first is to determine the time, in which the incident  that has been occurred, which occurred in the third year of the mission in the month of Ramadan on the night of the seventeenth, then he mentioned the different opinions  of several says of Al Isra’a and Al mearaj ,Some say it is only  a dream, others say that the spirit without the body and others say that the Al Isra is  with the body and soul, and Al Mearaj  is only with spirit, and Shaikh has  refuted  all and mentioned  the last  and true  one  which is the prophet is (walked at night)  by his body and soul, and  has ascent consciously and not sleep, "He (Garbriel) than came nearer and nearer until he was as close to him as the distance of two bows ,or even less” He has stated many Hadith in view of supported this opinion.                                                              

Then Shaikh mentioned four rules that we applied to the novels, the first section of the novels that are unacceptable to religious law, not even the mind, and not even the instinct, and the second is that the mind is not accepted, and the third needed explanation and the fourth is not accepted by the mind or human nature or religious law.

He mentioned on every one of them a special novel in Al Isra’a and Al mearaj, and he disproved the incorrect and confirmed the correct.

Then Shaikh stated the useful lessons from Al Isra’a and Al mearaj, the spiritual lesson is to take care of the thought and spirit as to take care of the body.

And the psychological lesson is that the victory is in the hands of Allah, believers must not be sad.

The scientific lesson is that the man has to be overcomes with the problems of the space.

In the last meaning, Shaikh has talked in the Jerusalem Day, who claimed by the leaved Imam (Allah hallow him) in 1979, and said that in these days of events set up on this occasion is considered as quality and symbolic because what is happening in Palestine is the same as being violations in other Arab countries as well as what are happening to us in Bahrain, and he compared the violations that happened here and there.                            

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