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State of Ali (as)...2

As Dr. Abdullah Al Daihi  has promised to talk about how the Imam is recruited the ministers as he quoted the say, "and then look at matters of  your business, use them as test and don’t assume favoritism  and impact ,they are from the people of injustice and betrayal, and be  careful from them  the people of  experience and the modesty from the reconciliation (safe) houses and developed foot in Islam, they  are morals and healthier reluctance and less ambitions in the supervision and further in view of the consequences of things, "which sums up the rule of the imam in employment.

Sheikh Aldaihi  has divided his theme tonight into three aspects, the first is the criteria  that (require)d by Amir Al Muamenin in recruitment of his ministers and governors, in the first  Imam Ali peace be upon him  is focus on the minister  that served previously in the state of oppression and injustice because he lived on the patronage and strong bad  in it which he guided with his say, peace be upon him, "The evil of your ministers who was the minister of evils  before you, and should not be agents of the oppressors because he shared their sins and also has to be light-rations and good aid, and the Imam has also recommended provide them in the livelihood so they will not look under the hands and put it in their pocket . Imam (Allah's peace be upon him) did not forget the qualities of piety, frankness and integrity of the hand.

Then Shaikh Abdullah has mentioned the importance of the minister in Islam as he has some load on the prefect or the governor, and also no one has to say that the governor is monopolize of power and tyrannical in his opinion, and clarify their functions and briefed it in three, project programming and application of the lowest cost and fastest time and safe materials and goodness of himself. The conservatives, or workers, as named by the Imam peace be upon him is they are usually close to the governor and their specifications are limited as per his saying peace be upon him above.

On the other side Shaikh has explained the procedures and instructions that has given by the Imam to his employees and he put one example (Labor tax collection), and quoted by the Imam “Move to the piety of Allah” and “If you arrive to the country, you come down to their water (the borders)” and “if they responded, move to them and don’t be skimped on them the greeting and peace” “then you move and tell them believers of Allah, I am the Messenger of the Crown of Allah and his successor.

Do you have in your property the right of Allah, if they say no let them if they said yes...? "Resulting psychological comfort, and endears people to the chairperson and also increases in the economy of the state, which increases the services of the state that provided by it to its citizens.

The community (people) which are not employers either they are able or the last aspect that Dr.has talked in, is the dealing of the Imam Ali with the lowest layer in trade, he allocated a liberality from charity and has victory them because he is the champion of the vulnerable, he dug wells for them to prove that they infected with disease or that they are unemployed and others.

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