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Celestial weapons and ground weapons in the battle of Badr :

On the night of the eighteenth of the month of Holy Ramadan, Shaikh Dr. Abdullah Al Daihi has began with the precious verse "When he made the slumber fall upon you as a reassurance from Him and sent down water from the sky upon you, that thereby He might purify you” and tonight his talk was a completion for yesterday talk where he mentioned that one weapon from Allah on the companions of the Prophet at Badr, and remain 9 other celestial weapons that will mention it in the beginning and then ground weapons, and finally a comparison between Badr and Karbala.

Section I: celestial weapons:

  1. Angels
  2. Sleepiness, which is the light sleep and the snooze, and it concerned for the human and animal, and has ranks which called which is a character of characteristics of the creature and not the Creator, which is a blessing that have an effect in human body stimulation that containing genes that made by Allah that differ at night from the day, whenever the temperature is decreased the human will sleep, within 90 minutes becomes a kind of lethargy and fit the activity, and that, sleepiness is a safety to activate the heart and the body to return to its effectiveness.
  3. The rain, it lives the land for agriculture and healthy tasks for air purification and the expulsion of diseases and if no rain there would be desertification and starvation like Africans that are threatened with death, it is a way of drinking, for washing, and purification.
  4. The wind, "We sent them a wind and soldiers which you did not see" The wind are considered as soldier from the soldiers of Allah, is used as a punishment, such as people of Aad "Were destroyed by a swift wind."
  5. Yellowish wind accompanied by stones, may give the Believers to fight and help them to move, but for the pagans they will uproots by the winds, so they are fleeing and going from the field.
  6. Horror, it is a special weapon and one of the weapons of Al Huja (Allah fasten his appearance).
  7. Strengthen the determination of the Believers, and reduce the will of the pagans, it will reach the case that the enemies have seen the believers, that they are few but came with gifts for death. .
  8. Reduce the infidels in the eyes of the believers and the on the other hand, the polytheists are mocks as one of them said "(they are only an eaters, will eliminate them).
  9. He who has place affection between their hearts and this is grace of "You would not have been able to unite their hearts”.
  10. Directing of the Throw, while holding a stone, is entered to their noses, and faces, and themselves.

Section II: Ground weapons:

  • Unity. . The Union of the Believers
  • Pray "Pray to Me for I shall respond your prayers" the prayer is a cause and Allah wants us to call upon and work is a (require)ment. .

Such as: earning for living and livelihood from Allah, but the reason is that we have to seek to him, as it is not possible to separated the condition on the cause.

  • "Mobilize your (defensive) force as much as you can”
  • The compliance with the orders of combat, including:

  1. Obedience to the leader.
  2. Stability.
  3. Remembrance of Allah.
  4. Patience and stability.
  5. No conflict and difference.
  6. Sincerity.

The last section: The difference between the battle of Badr and Karbala.

Both Bader and Karbala are difference...

But the first difference is clear, the leader is the messenger of Allah and there is no difference in it, and who are fighting them are well-known, they are the enemies of Allah and the goal is to either get on the convoy and the spoils, or of martyrdom in the hands of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH), and has promised them the victory, and the numerical difference was not much, the war was between men, and Allah revealed to them the rain.

where in Karbala, not everyone was recognizing with his Imamate, but he did not protest them on Imamate and victory, but with parentage and the goal is the martyrdom, the killer will be killed, (so he who accompanied with Hussain will be killed and he who did not accompanied him will not reach the conquest), the numerical difference is too big among them and they had women and children, and they
were prevented of water.

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