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However, in the affection of kinship 3:

Workshops topic continued the theme of "only in the affection of kinship" for the third night constantly, He talk tonight about the evidence of the allocation of kinship to Ahlul Bayt peace be upon them. But before it was completed Shaikh has completed the third explanation for some of the Shia Imam’s investigators the commentators about the point of asking the Messenger to be paid? These investigators say that the affection of Ahlul Bayt reporting is the reward (payment) of the call and the Quran, and they are equal to the Holy Quran ,they are the talkative Quran ,they  should be followed because they know the religion and explain (clarify) the book of Allah. Shaikh Jaffer then put the question: What is the evidence that the intended on following the affection, not love, for example?

He replied by stating the verse, "Say: I don’t ask you aught in return except that he who will, may take the way to his Lord," which represents the most obvious meaning is meant of affection is to follow of the word of path . Shaikh Jaffer stressed that when no one gets in Islam, he must pay the fare and otherwise will lose the Hereafter and the pay is the affection the Ahlul Bayt peace is upon them.

Then Shaikh has moved to the points allocated for this night which is the evidence that the kin are the Ahlul Bayt, not his wives and his uncles and his friends. He replied on that with three evidences:

(1) "Say: I do not ask of you any reward except love for my near relatives “the use of the Quran "of my" circumstantial is evidence that the circle of kinship is so wide, but what is meant of the affection particularly is the followers of kinship and not a circular or Universal.

(2) All Circumstantial and timing in love, Allah did not command us to follow a person without restriction unless he is infallible, as is the case for the parents, for example, Allah ordered us to follow in what they say except in disobedience to Allah, it is ad hoc following, but in the verse, Allah orders by following them without restrictions.

(3) Balanced equation, Allah made the Ahlul Bayt the justice of the Quran; they were denied that, it is not all relatives of the Prophet (PBUH).

In summary of the hadeeth is that the verse of Affection fixed the infallibility to Ahlul Bayt because they equalize the Quran, which void doesn’t come among his hands and back, and also knowledge wise of Ahlul Bayt on all the people because they equalize the Quran which is to show everything, and prove their call and their following is a must, because we must follow the Quran and they are the speaking Quran, and lastly, the preference to mankind after the Messenger because the Quran is the best after the Messenger. Finally, Shaikh Jaffer came with a fictional incident that has to be proved there is a system**atic plan for the dissemination of the meaning of kin.

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